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Peninsula Gear Company

Modern brand and website for a new gear company in the Upper Peninsula

What we Did

As one of Michigan’s newest brands, Peninsula Gear launched their business with Yooper-tough flags that show off the iconic outline of the Upper Peninsula. Paint River went to work creating the brand, designing the products, and developing the website. We’re excited to see Peninsula Gear Company offer customers an exceptional way to show off their Yooper pride and everything it stands for.

The Challenge

To design a brand and product line from the ground up while developing an online identity to match it.

The Solution

We developed a distinctive brand identity and leveraged the founders’ sketches to design custom Upper Peninsula flags. The new logo and products came together in a fresh and approachable E-commerce site. To wrap things up, we designed the product packaging and captured photos of the flags flying on the shores of the Portage Canal.

The Logo

As part of our design process, we presented a deck of several high-quality options fit to represent Peninsula Gear. The selected logo stands strong and serves as a representation of the company’s commitment to locally-designed products that are Yooper-tough.

The Website

The new E-commerce website combines a contemporary design and seamless user experience. Throughout the site, we bridged the gap between SEO-driven content and messaging that was clear, concise, and on-brand. The product pages were finished off with custom product descriptions, photography, and mockups.

Packaging Design & Photoshoot

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